Developing students' entrepreneurial mindset allowing them to take control of their future.

We are guiding our future generation of leaders, innovators, and starters to prepare for what’s NEXT.

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Ideas start and grow at Square1. Our mission is to uncover, educate, support, and inspire emerging entrepreneurs and leaders with our startup training.

Our innovators have opportunities for internships, experiential learning, and interact with entrepreneurs through Square1 programs and partners.

Our kids simply do not get the opportunities that Square1 brought to them. It was such a thorough dive into the skills they need to succeed in their career and life. For many, it was a rude awakening and for others we really saw their potential blossom.

Jason, Educator

Curriculum & Workshops

Interactions with students involve lessons and activities that grow their understanding of the world outside of school. It centers around the creation of an idea teaching them key problem-solving skills. It spans a variety of topics including leadership, equity, college & career prep, and much more.

Coaching & Work

The lessons and projects provide opportunities for the students to be coached and guided through not only the startup process but the many types of decision they will make in life and career. NEXT couples this with work opportunities including internships, projects, or working on a startup.

Speakers & Mentors

Guidance is provided by subject matter experts and community leaders. Speakers share knowledge and teach valuable skills as the student build on their idea. Students receive mentorship on their ideas and have conversations about their next steps toward college, work, and life.

Contests & Events

Gatherings among the students are very purposeful and powerful. They break down barriers by mixing schools, races, cultures, and income classes providing opportunities to form invaluable connections. Our pitch contest provides opportunities for additional coaching, prizes, and startup support.

NEXTStartup launching this summer supporting High School startups. Please consider involvement as a mentor or donor.

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KY – 112 Pike Street, Covington

OH – 925 8th St West, Cincinnati


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