Curriculum and Contests for High School Entrepreneurs.

The Basics

Monthly or Bi-Monthly Curriculum (during or after-school) consisting of:
- Entrepreneurship/business lessons & topics
- Guest speaker & mentor sessions
- Food & prizes
- Internship & work experiences
- Networking & engagement with business professional
- School-based, regional, and final competitons
More info below. Contact to get your school started at SQUARE1!

Startup Scholars delivers an entrepreneur’s skill set to high school students that will benefit them no matter the career path they choose.

Startup Scholars or S2, runs entrepreneurial educational programs at high schools in Greater Cincinnati. Our goal is to reach into high schools throughout the region offering curriculum to support idea generation and startup creation leading to business plan competitions among the participating schools.

Key Benefits to Students

- Opportunity recognition through ideation sessions.
- Presentation skills as each student presents to school and community leaders at the end of each semester.
- Communication skills are developed when preparing and delivering surveys to determine market needs.
- Time management to work to meet milestones.
- Teamwork is essential as they build the product, presentations, and plans.
- Confidence as they move toward launching their idea.
- Advancement as a result of seeing that they can create their own path versus being captured by the circumstances of their upbringing.
Each participating student team will compete at the school level and are invited to a regional competition. The top teams from the regional competition will then be invited to present at a SQUARE1 event and compete for prizes and in-kind services to assist in launching their startup.

Benefit for Teachers & Schools

- Subject matter experts to supplement school curriculum.
- Great lessons with little to no planning for educators.
- Energizes and motivates the students in a different way.
- Engages kids in other subjects by applying lessons to their startup ideas, careers, and life.
- It is FREE for schools to participate!


The program is customized based on the needs of the school. We meet 1-2 times per month. Schools can choose from 3 formats:
- After school similar to a club or extracurricular activity.
- During a class as a guest teacher.
- During class, but pull a few select or interested students to meet in a small group.


Lessons follow the outline below and build toward a business plan and presentation similar to Shark Tank.
- Idea Generation
- Team Formation
- Business Model Components
- Value Proposition
- Product Development
- Revenue Models
- Financials and Forecasting
- Digital and Traditional Marketing
- Customer Development & Relationships
- Resources/Local Startup Resources
- Pitching