More than 40% of new and recent graduates are underemployed in their first job. (Harvard Review)
Tony with group NKY Fudners
Next develops marketable skills and connects students to internships.
81% of interns report having a better understanding of their career direction (NACE).

Tony presented for grant funding as a SQUARE1 intern.

entry level skills
Entry level skills growing in importance to employers over next 3-5 years include adaptability, initiative, critical thinking, creativity and innovation. (Society for Human Resource Management)
Next intentionally focuses on real-world skills.
Traditional curriculum and standardized tests fall short of teaching real-world skills. (Medium.com)

“SQUARE1 gave me the confidence to achieve more than I thought I could.”
Shiela is now a phlebotomist at St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

42% of 18-to-34-year-olds freelance and by 2027 the majority of the US workforce will be freelancers proving that GenZ is looking for innovative ways to work on their own. (Entrepreneur.com)
Next teaches students to effectively evaluate opportunities and market their unique skills.
"SQUARE1 provided not only the building blocks for business but gave the initial push as they took me under their wing.”

Reggie is looking to launch his own production company.

soft skills
Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Boeing, GE, and many others are seeking employees with soft skills such as intellectual insight, flexibility, intuition and creativity as they are essential for the future of work. (Reuters)
Colin Check Preso
Next provides a creative outlet for students and through competitions students quickly learn to adapt and respond.
While science and engineering degrees are on the rise, employers express that soft skills are lacking (Reuters).

Students are challenged to get out of their comfort zone.

More than half of the population under 18 are racial minorities and by 2023 whites will total less than half of the U.S. population under 30. (NPR)
Yvan mentoring
Minority students do not have access to the same networks and resources as other students.
Next levels the playing field by providing an opportunity for students from various backgrounds to network together and participate in internships, projects, and explore entrepreneurship.

More than 60% of our student are from low-income communities and over 50% are minorities.

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Square1 is holding a split the pot raffle to support students in the NEXT program! NEXT is delivered annually to 600+ greater Cincinnati area students, teaching them key professional skills, and providing mentorship and career planning guidance. Your participation directly benefits local youth, and enters you for a chance to win a portion of the proceeds! 50% of funds will go to the NEXT program, 40% will go to the 1st place winner, and 10% to the 2nd place winner. All are welcome to participate!

Tickets are $10, to purchase multiple tickets just donate for the amount of tickets you would like.

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