Call for Mentors

 Square1 is looking for dedicated individuals to coach our high school innovators! These mentors will engage students directly in the classroom, helping them develop essential work skills, leading them in breaking down barriers & creating opportunities, and preparing them to compete for scholarships and prizes the NEXT Pitch Competition. Co-sponsored by Thomas More University, the winners of the NEXT Pitch Competition are awarded full 4-year scholarships to Thomas More. Square1 has awarded more than one million dollars in scholarships through this program.

Classroom coaches will visit classes once per month from October through March. Square1 will provide a training session to those interested. Coaches can pick the level of involvement that best suits them as well, choosing to coach one class, several classes at the same school, or even classes across multiple schools!

Not able to commit on a monthly basis? Consider serving as a classroom speaker instead! Speakers will have an opportunity to visit classrooms and share their expertise directly with students, selecting a topic they feel they can speak to that ties back to business, innovation, or entrepreneurship. Speakers can choose to speak at one or multiple classes or schools, as best suits their availability. They will also have the option to have Square1 record their presentation to share, allowing all students to have the opportunity to learn from their expertise

Fill out the form below to share your desired role and commitment level, or contact Square1 founder and CEO Keith Schneider with interest or questions at

If you're interested in working with multiple schools, please select "Other" and describe your ideal commitment (number of schools & visits per month).

About Square1

Square1, with locations in Covington and Cincinnati, seeks to uncover, educate, support, and inspire emerging entrepreneurs and leaders, who ultimately create opportunities for themselves and others by overcoming the many obstacles life poses. This mission is achieved through the NEXT program, which works with high school students to teach how innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset can change their life’s trajectory. Schools and students from across Greater Cincinnati participate in this region-wide innovation and work skills education and development program. To find out more, visit

About Thomas More University

For 100 years, Thomas More has created a university for the student who wants to Be More, Do More, Seek More, Win More, Achieve More, and Create More. Since its founding in 1921, Thomas More has provided a mission-driven, liberal arts education that is based in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. Students learn to harness the power of human reason to solve problems and discover truth, which allows them to begin the journey to become the person they were created to be. Entering into the second century, it’s time for More. Serving more than 2,000 students, Thomas More aspires to be the premier Catholic university in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region, to build up the excellent ranking for ROI in Kentucky (#1 – 2021 MSN Money, #2 2022 Georgetown University study), and share with this generation the transformative power of the Thomas More experience. To find out more, visit