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Velocity Application (Revenue Generating Cos)

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Geared toward business entities generating revenue from $1 to $1 million. The program is designed to link you with other businesses with similar challenges and present monthly topics focused on growing your business. In each meeting, and beyond, we work to provide opportunities and introductions to larger regional businesses needing your services.

Ignition Application (Ideas/Startup Companies)

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Focused on companies looking to launch an idea or hope to gain access to one of the regions startup accelerators. The program can be online/virtual or as an in-class cohort of startups. We work you through the initial steps of launching a business including building your business’s brand/product identity, validating the idea with customers, and the overall feasibility of the idea. This includes education, coaching, and mentoring along with introductions to partners that can help you launch.

SQUARE1on1 Application (All Companies)

Entrepreneurship is tricky for those without startup or business experience. When you start at SQUARE1 we become a member of your team, guiding you through the typical hurdles of starting a business. We are an extra brain when thinking strategy, an extra voice when sharing your message, and a connector to the myriad of resources available to startups that can often seem overwhelming or unreachable.


Startup Scholars Application (High School)

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The SQUARE1 Startup Scholars program helps high school students develop the key skills of entrepreneurship including opportunity recognition, presentation skills, critical thinking, communication skills, time management, teamwork, and confidence. These skills are vital for students as they seek employment, explore college and career options, or even launch or join a startup. SQUARE1 delivers in-school, after-school, and summer programs.